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Child Sexual Abuse in the Christian church has done terrible harm to communities, mostly because the local church is uneducated in the dangers of sexual predators. Here at Make Congregations Safe, we want to Educate congregations about sexual abuse, Advocate for stricter protection policies, and Alert the public when a local church simply isn't doing enough to protect our children. MCS hopes that this resource will help make sure that the sins of the fathers will quit being laid down on their children.



Making A Difference

Make Congregations Safe's mission is to Educate, Advocate, and Alert religious groups about child sexual predators. Here is how we plan to implement each step.


By hosting educational programs for the entire congregation, we hope to make an educated people of God who know how to spot wolves in their midst. At no cost, volunteers can present lectures and roleplays for your congregation. Ideal for both big and small groups.

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Advocating is just another word for lobbying. We seek to lobby individual congregations to make stricter child protection policies in order to keep predators at bay. Some of these measures would be performing a background check on all volunteers in leadership positions and making a congregational plan for how to deal with a predator who wants to worship.


Finally, after all else fails, Make Congregations Safe feels obligated to shout from the roof tops when a congregation simply does not care enough to protect their children. Where others fail, we won't.

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"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does"

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