Support PA House Bill 261

Rep. Rozzi of Berks Co, Pennsylvania has submitted a bill to the state legislature that would abolish the statute of limitations for child abuse. Make Congregations Safe supports the passage of this bill. As the #MeToo Movement and the Catholic Abuse crisis has too clearly demonstrated, it can take years for survivors of sexual abuse to let their voices be heard. Lack of courage should not equal a lack of justice.

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Make Your Congregation Safer

Make Congregations Safe wants to help any congregation that is seeking solutions to make their church safer for all. We heavily advocate a policy of screening ALL volunteers, not just those who work with children. If you are interested in working with us, please send an email or text. We would be happy to help you protect your children.

Become a Member

Make Congregations Safe is a very small organization right now, but we would lovwe to expand with your help!  Send an email or text seeking to become a member and you will rapidly become part of our proud team of volunteers seeking to better the future, today.  The dream is to have satalite councils to get boots on the ground closer to the churches, and we cannot do that without you!

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