• Woodrow Wagaman

The Familial Pain

My Father has been the most affected by this horrendous ordeal. The betrayal of the pastor was inconceivable to him. He would ask several times to address the church council, and he was denied this. Thinking that the Pastor was blocking this, he asked a family friend who was prominent in the congregation to ask the council himself. The family friend reported that the Church Council refused to speak with my Father. Never have we been visited, never have we been apologized to, never has due diligence been done to prevent the election of a 3rd degree sex abuser to a pre-eminent spot in the congregation. Finally, Andrea Hersh on the Evening Sun comment section accused my Father of causing the abuse- as if the 3rd degree sexual predator was preyed upon! This sick human being obviously didn't come up with that idea herself, so no doubt this is the story that the rumor mill of a Christian church concocted.



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